Ekasi Bucks Virtual Malls

Welcome To the Revolution of Township Retail

Africa’s First CASHLESS Township Digital Mall.

Technologically advanced easy to use  digital Shopping Platform
Reliable, fast and safe delivery services.
Warranties and Insurance on goods
Convenient shopping  anytime, anywhere.

Merchants can advertise products and services directly to consumers via the direct wallet to wallet marketing and promotions platform.

Consumers on the other hand can place orders for goods and services to delivering merchants.

All payments are Blockchain based P2P using Ekasi Bucks digital Tokens, or made using fiat currency using debit and credit cards.

Store Rental

Ekasi Bucks charges No Fees or Commission on any goods purchased through this platform

The Retail 4th Industrial Revolution

    • Location based customers,
    • Risks of robbery,
    • Cash driven,
    • No convenience,
  • High overhead costs involved.

The Retail 4th Industrial Revolution

Power of the internet has made shopping:

    • Stress free,
    • More convenient,
    • Wider market,
    • No risks of robbery,
    • Cashless
    • Less overhead costs &
  • Maximizes profits.

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